Retrofitting Your Parking Lot Lights Can SAVE You Up To 80% In

Energy and Eliminate Your Maintenance for 10 Plus Years


Typical Metal Halide Parking Lot Light           Parking Lot LED Retrofit        LED parking lot lights

Typical 400W Metal Halide Parking Lot Light    New 120W LED Parking Lot Retrofit Light     1000W Metal Halide to 260W LED  


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Neu-Tech Energy Solutions has over 8 Years Experience in the LED Parking Lot lighting business. With hundreds of different applications and tens of thousands of LED Light Engines delivered across the US, Canada and around the world we have become one of the most experienced LED Retrofit lighting companies in the US. We have our own factory building our Parking Lot LED light engines to our specifications. We only use the highest quality LED chips and Drivers which are the most important components.

Most people who are in the LED lighting business will tell you that the drivers are the first thing to fail. Low quality drivers are the cause of most lighting issues. Our driver are the highest quality and the failure rate is the lowest of any drivers we have checked out.

In 99% of most cases we can Retrofit your existing HID, HPS, Halogen or Incandescent parking lot lighting package to an LED.

No Need To Buy New...Keep Your Existing Parking Lot Light FIXTURE!

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Not All Retrofit LED Light Engines Are Built The Same!

  24 hour aging on all LED Retrofit Lght Kits                     Quality Packaging                 ISO 9000 Factory

24 Hour Aging on all units. High Quality Packaging    ISO 9000 Factory


Top 8 Reasons Why Neu-Tech Energy Solutions Retrofit LED Light Kits Are Better Than All

Others On The Market

New level of electronic design:

1.Our factory is ISO 9000 Certified. Our LED Retrofit lights are built in a clean room environment.

2.We use the latest and best chip technology. Nichia 140lm/w. Highest quality chip on the market.

3.High Light Efficiency: 115-135 LM/W System. Brightest Parking Lot Light On The Market

4.ETL Listed with PREMIUM DLC Certification....see below what this means to you...

5.We use REAL Mean Well top of the line drivers. No substitutions. Mean Well has lowest failure rate on market.

6.PCB Boards: UL and high quality. LED Board has 10 year Warranty

7.Protection Circuit: Advanced circuit design, short circuit/ over current/over voltage

8.Warranty: 5 years on LED Drivers and 10 Years on LED heads. Best on the market.


 What Does Premium DLC Listing Mean to You?

F.A.Q: What is DLC Premium Certification compared with DLC standard certification? 

DLC Premium is a higher-performance classification for luminaires and retrofit kits. Products submitted to the DLC Premium classification must meet higher efficacy and lumen maintenance requirements outlined in the Technical Requirements Table and must also provide a driver ISTMT and information about integral controls, in addition to meeting all of the base requirements. If a manufacturer seeks qualification of its products to the DLC Premium classification, it must provide all the necessary testing to demonstrate the products meet the higher classification’s additional requirements.

In addition to an L70 requirement of ≥50,000 hours, products submitted to the DLC Premium classification will need to meet an L90 of >36,000 hours. This will be evaluated through TM-21 projections in the same manner as the L70 requirements

In other words we only provide the highest quality lighting available that meet the toughest standards.

Here are a few pictures of our Parking Lot LED Light installations

Parking Lot LED Retrofit       LED parking lot retrofit       1000W LED Retrofit to 260W

Typical 400W Retrofit Parking lot light. Only takes 20-30 Minutes To Install.Typical 1000W to 260W Retrofit

Secure Brackets so they will not come lose.

Best Western Parking Lot Light  Automotive Car Dealership Retrofit LED Lighting   LED parking lot light retrofit

 One of MANY hotel parking lot lights and a New Car Dealership in Chicago 1000W to 280W

Click Here To Watch Video From Hotel Owner On LED Parking Lot Retrofit

Chruch Parking Lot Light LightingChurch Parking Lot Light   Church Retrofit LED Parking Lot light

We have worked with hundreds of churches across the country on their parking lot lighting fixtures. Our retrofit LED lights are saving them up to 80% in energy just by retrofitting their existing parking lot shoe boxes to our LED Retrofit Kit. The congregation loves them because of the safety and security they provide for their night time services. The time is right to start thinking about retrofitting your existing parking lot light fixtures to a retrofit LED light.

office parking lot lighting LED Retrofit   LED parking lot light retrofit

Office Buildings Across the country are updating their existing parking lot shoe boxes to a retrofit LED light and up lighting with our LED Retrofit lights for brighter side building lighting, reduced energy cost and no maintenance cost

 1000W Church Parking Lot Light fixture retrofitted with 280W LED Retrofit Light

Honda Car Dealer Parking Lot LED Retrofit Lighting  LED Retrofit Parking Lot Light Car Dealer

Retrofit LED lighting Solutions; 1000W Metal Halide Lamps With our 280W and 320W LED Retrofit Lights. Car lots love these LED Retrofit Kit lights because you can actually see the real color of the cars. A dark gray car is dark gray not black. Same with a dark blue car you can actually see the color of the card.

Parking Lot LED Retrofit Lighting Industry  Parking Lot LED Retrofit Lighting Industrial Complex commercial parking lot lighting

Parking Lot LED Lighting Retrofit;  400W Metal Halide Lamp Fixtures Retrofitted with a 120W  LED Retrofit. Not only are they brighter but they provide an added layer of security for their employees during the winter or if they are working several shifts. More and more commercial parking lot lighting fixtures are being retrofitted everyday around the country. It just makes sense to upgrade to a retrofit LED light kit when the payback us under 2 years and you can eliminate your maintenance for 10+ years and reduce your energy consumption by 80%.

Hotel Parking Lot Lighting 

Neu-Tech Energy Solutions has worked with hundreds of hotels and motels across the country on updating their parking lot lighting fixtures. In most cases their parking lot lights are 400W. Motel and hotels benefit several ways by updating their old inefficient parking lot lights to an LED. Number one and LED retrofit kit provides superior light for their parking lots which means safety to their customers. The other big item is marketing. When it's dark at night and you have the brightest hotel on the street... potential customers will see you FIRST. How much will that mean in extra business?

Your payback will be well under 2 years and your calls to the bucket truck man will go away for decades not months. 

We retrofit them with our 120W (16,000+) lumen LED Retrofit.

Airplane Parking Lot Hangar High Bay LED Retrofit    Large Mall Parking Lot LED Retrofit  Car wash LED Retrofit Light kit

Neu-Tech Energy Solutions has provided LED retrofit lighting solutions to hundreds of different kinds of applications. Here you see an airplane hangar that had 400W High Bay Lights. We used a 120W LED to retrofit this hangar and you can see the results. The middle picture is of a large Shopping Center in California. This center had 1000W metal halide parking lot lighting fixtures that were costing them a fortune. We used our 320W LED light to update this parking lot light fixture. The last one on the right is a car wash in Florida. A lot of people wash their cars at night. The LED lights vastly improve the lighting in and around the Car Wash providing a safe place to wash your car at night.

 What LED Light Should I Use?

Neu-Tech Energy Solutions has been in the LED Retrofit Lighting Business since 2008. We were on of the first companies selling LED Retrofit Lighting.

We have literally sold tens of thousands of our LED Retrofit lights across the country. With satisfied customers like Monsanto, EPA, Coast Guard, Fort Levanworth, Lutron hundreds of hotels, churches, electrical contractors, schools, universities and more we have the experience to help you solve your LED lighting needs.

In most cases it's pretty easy to figure out which Retrofit LED light kit to use based on the existing wattage of the light fixture you are currently using. But...we suggest you give us a call just to make sure. In a lot of cases based on our experience we may recommend a different LED Retrofit or NEW LED light fixture based on height of fixture, type of business, neighborhood, industry, restaurant, church, hotel etc. We have a lot of experience and know what works best for different applications.

Here is a list of our standard units that are all Premium DLC Listed, have our standard driver that is multi-tap for 120V-277V AC, 480V Drivers available. The second column is what the wattage the LED Retrofit Will Replace

Our Easy To Use Existing Lighting LED Replacement List

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RETROFITS Wattage  Total Watts  
MODEL # Replaced Watts LUMENS
NT-RT-30- 70-100w 30W  3,830
NT-RT-45 100-175w 45W 5,897
NT-RT-60 150-175w (65w)60w 8,238
NT-RT-75 250w+ 75W 9,793
NT-RT-105 400-525w 105W 14,528
NT-RT-120 400+-450w 120W 16,993
NT-RT-150 400+-535w 150W 20,659
NT-RT-200 550-750w 200W 26,772
NT-RT-280 850-1000W 280W 36,388
NT-RT-320 1000W+W 320W 46,035
NT-RT-350 1000-1250W 350W 42,215

 From 100W to 1300 Watt we can retrofit just about any HID, HPS fixture with our LED Retrofit

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 Whats NEW....Dump Your Fluorescent Lights?

Eliminate Your Old Fluorescent Lights With Our New LED Super Strips (click for video)

If you have a parking lot I bet you have an inside building using older Fluorescent Tubes.

We can Eliminate them with our NEW LED Super Strip Light....take a look below.

This is a typical application of a large 100,000 Square Foot warehouse that was using (96”)Double T12 High Output Lamps. They spent about $3000 a year in maintenance on these T12 Light Fixtures. Our LED Super Strips will eliminate their lighting maintenance for the next 10 Plus years and they will reduce their energy consumption by 57% and increase their light output by up to 30%. We can replace any T5, T8, T12 or LED Tube Light and save you money.


Click Here To See Video Of Super Strip Installation


Fluorescent Tube LED Super Strip ReplacementLED Tube ReplacementLED Super Strip Light Replaces Fluorescent Tubes

 Use Your Existing Fixture      Pull Out Existing Tubes  Insert New LED Super Strips


 LED Super Strips Replace Fluorescent Tubes   LED Super Strip Replaces Fluorescent Tubes  LED Strip replaces fluorescent tubes

 Truck Repair Facility          Freezer Distribution    Automotive Service             Industrial Plant



For More Information please check out our LED Super Strip here

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Neu-Tech Energy Solutions:

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We can retrofit 99% of any HID, HPS, Fluorescent Tube, Incandescent or Halogen Lamp in the following applications and more...parking lot lights, flood lights, parking garage lights, street lights, cobra heads, shoe boxes, canopy lights, wall packs, bollards, acorn lights, decorative light post, recessed cans, T8, T5, T12 tubes, high bay lighting, low bay lighting, gas station lighting, canopy lighting, school lighting, gymnasium lighting, stadium lighting, fluorescent lights, cfl lights, PL lamps, sconces, library lighting, school lighting, corn cob LED, corn cob lighting and more


Offices Across The Country: California, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Massachusetts, Florida, Colorado, Wisconsin, Illinois, LA, Phoenix, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Orlando, Sarasota, Miami, Columbus, Pennsylvania, Kentucky,

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